Best Waste King Garbage Disposals

Last Updated:  April 23, 2022

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There’s nothing better than finding a garbage disposer that can make brushing up your kitchen after supper a breeze. From an easy cleanup after a relaxing spread to a booming meal with all your dearest comrades, having a disposer you can count on is a fabulous feeling.

Garbage disposers can conveniently be set up below your kitchen drain, instantly attaching to your current pipes. The efficiency of fixing it up confirms that food can promptly be scraped right into the tub, guaranteeing that your kitchen stays tidy and immaculate.

Obtaining the right unit for your kitchen can be a stressful undertaking. This listing will provide you a glimpse at the diverse Waste King Garbage Disposers currently for purchase. Conceivably, you’ll have an excellent perception of which design is suitable for your demands after scanning over this brief article.

We’ll furnish you with an in-depth look at some of the many Waste King models, along with a complete analysis of every product with an indispensable shopping guide to help you make an educated decision on which disposal design is best for your general wants.

Best Waste King Disposals Reviews

1. Waste King L-8000 – Editor’s Choice


  • Made out of stainless steel.
  • Tons of HP to grind up any waste.


  • Costs a lot of money.
  • Setup is difficult.

The L-8000 delivered to you by the Waste King Legend Series is 1-hp and can manage even the hardest jobs. Furnished with a 2800 RPM engine, it’s a level above the L-2600 we examined beforehand. The vortex magnet engine is for those heavy-duty jobs demanding lots of engine power.

The Waste King L-8000 has stainless steel accessories manufactured for its sturdiness and strength. Both the blenders and the impellers are stainless steel, and the food container is a glass-like nylon substance with added cushioning to lessen noise.

The constant feed functionality, well-known to all Waste King disposals, allows you to drive food fragments down your drain without concern of jamming. Its robust motor and perpetual feed functionality guarantees that the L-8000 is fitting for a home with a septic tank.

The L-8000 also comes with a lifetime warranty, sure to ease some of your concerns if your equipment gets broken. Installation is simple, and suited for a do-it-yourself project.

If you’re looking for a secure option to undertake those tough jobs at home, the Waste King L-8000 is an excellent choice.


2. Waste King L-2600 – Best For Infrequent Use


  • Simple to use.
  • Fits into tight spaces.
  • Perfect to use every now and then.


  • Best used in larger homes.
  • Cannot stand up to heavy use

The Waste King L-2600 is a 0.5-hp disposal system that gives you the capability to add food into the tub without the concern of jamming. If you’re thinking of utilizing your disposal sparingly, then the L-2600 is an outstanding bargain. It emphasizes a snug design, fitting comfortably in the tiniest kitchens. It’s a marvelous bonus to any home or studio with a simple kitchen with insufficient space.

Outfitted with a strong magnet motor capable of reaching speeds of 2600 RPM, the L-2600 makes quick work of anything tossed at it. When associated with other garbage disposers in its field, the L-2600 rises above them all in both execution and power.

The full outer assembly of the Waste King L-2600 is durable stainless steel. Added padding is incorporated into the model to assist as a noise barrier as it makes its way around when getting rid of waste. The abrasive case that breaks apart the food on the L-2600 comes in a glass nylon material to hinder rust.

The inherent nature of the L-2600 guarantees that it’s very simple to set up with limited to no trouble. Its mount-and-go arrangement is ideal for newcomers.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use garbage disposer that fits conveniently in fixed areas. Then the Waste King L-2600 is an excellent option.

3. Waste King L-3200 – Best Quiet Garbage Disposal


  • Strong motor.
  • Quiet.
  • Warranty.


  • Setup is difficult.

The L-3200 is another spectacular offering brought to you to buy the Waste King disposals. It’s a powerful version equipped for most homes, especially those with a big family.

Capable of dishing out a modest 2700 RPM, 100 RPM slower than the L-8000, this 3/4 Horsepower motor is suitable for tough jobs that include lots of food waste. It gets rid of excess food with ease, a great option if you’re looking for a quiet device that’s not too powerful.

The grinding container amidst other parts comes made entirely out of stainless steel to guarantee that the device runs smoothly and efficiently, bypassing the pains of dealing with decay and destruction to your device.

The L-3200 also comes outfitted with added accessories in the box. A 3-foot power cord and an alterable splash guard come with every acquisition.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet sturdy garbage disposer that’s functional even when driven to the limits, the L-3200 is an outstanding selection.

4. Waste King L-1001 – Best Budget


  • Constant feed technology.
  • Very quiet.
  • Suitable for tight spaces.


  • Not very powerful.

When it comes to picking the right trash disposal, it comes down to two principal characteristics, dependability and sturdiness. The Waste King L-1001 sufficiently satisfies both criteria.

The Waste King L-1001, constructed out of an eroding resistant stainless steel material backed by a two-year warranty that covers all accidents or corrupted devices. Its trademarked design can fit into even the tightest kitchen settings, leaving sufficient area for storage. This 1/2-hp waste disposal carries a vicious punch, destroying even the most sturdy trash with ease.

While a lot of other garbage disposals are excellent at getting rid of food waste, most of them do so at the cost of noise. The L-1001 comes fitted with an encased motor that cuts down on the random fluctuations, restricting the amount of noise that the disposal makes.

If you’re looking for an average garbage disposal that can handle your modest needs, then the L-1001 conveyed to you by Waste King is an exceptional pick.

5. Waste King A1SPC Knight – Premium Choice


  • Power motor.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Too big.

The 1-hp Waste King A1SPC is a food disposing powerhouse with a motor that is able to churn up to 2700 revolutions per minute. Furnished with a magnet motor and constant feed technology, the A1SPC is an excellent accessory to any house. It easily disposes of the most robust leftovers after cooking.

The A1SPC also highlights stainless steel outer and inner composition and stainless steel impellers that ensure that the disposal won’t jam when put under excess stress. The stainless steel composition also gives reliability to the disposal unit because it won’t rust or deteriorate over time. The crushing container is a glass nylon substance included for added noise mitigation.

The A1SPC is rather large so be sure that it can fit in the desired area that you have chosen.

The set-up isn’t tricky, and for the money, it is an excellent garbage disposer that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The A1SPC is an outstanding choice for those planning heavy usage of their disposal unit, and it’s low on noise and great at handling those problematic jobs.


6. Waste King L-111 – Great Value


  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a power cord.
  • Able to fit into tight spaces.


  • Low power.

If you’re looking for an efficient garbage disposal that’s both effective and budget-friendly, then the Waste King L-111 is excellent. In such a harsh economic climate, affordable garbage disposal still capable of all the necessary operations is a great find.

Equipped with continuous feed functionality and an elegant design, the L-111 is both appealing to the eye and jam-resistant. The compact design of L-111 allows it to fit in even the tightest spaces with ease, not to mention it’s so easy to install that it won’t take much time out of your day to set it up right out of the box.

The warranty on the L-111 covers a full two years guaranteed, including needed parts or external damage. The speed is slow when compared to the higher models, and at just 1/3 horsepower, that’s expected. It boats just 1900 rpm, so it’s suitable for more moderate jobs.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly garbage disposal that’s affordable yet effective; then the Waste King L-111 is an excellent buy.

7. Waste King L-9940 – Best Power Disposal


  • Continuous feed capability.
  • Power cord.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Extremely high-powered.


  • A little expensive.
  • Not as compact as other models.

If you have a large family and dinner time usually includes a lot of food waste, then the Waste King L-9940 is excellent. Featuring a 3/4 horsepower motor, food waste seems to disintegrate inside the grinding chamber of the L-9940.

The grinding chamber is composed of stainless steel fixtures with an insulated surrounding to decrease the amount of noise during operation. The stainless steel exterior and interior also prevents a lot of the wear and tear that may occur to other disposal units, such as rust.

The L-9940 also comes standard with the newest continuous feed addition for smooth waste disposal without the fear of any jamming. A lifetime warranty is also included, guaranteeing that your device will get replaced if any damage occurs.

As one of the more powerful options currently available on the market, the Waste King L-9940 is a great choice for those needing a little more power to get the job done.


Buyers Guide

At times picking the right garbage disposal can get somewhat convoluted. To clarify the process and save you an inevitable headache, we’ve written a shoppers guide to help you determine the right unit for your demands. Incorporated in the shoppers guide mentioned above is all the knowledge that’ll help you make an educated choice on the complete garbage disposal fitting for your house kitchen. Continue scanning to discover more!

Choosing The Best Garbage Disposal System

When looking for a garbage disposal, keep these questions in mind:

  1. Can I use a waste disposer at my current residence? Depending on where you live, some areas desire a license to be able to use a waste disposal system. To bypass any extraneous issues such as a fine, talk to your local drain authority and find out if it’s alright to have a disposer. A lot of the time to avoid drain issues, specific areas will limit the use of a waste disposal unit.
  2. Can my septic tank take the added load? Your place of residence may cause you to invest in a bigger drain tank if you choose to purchase a garbage disposer for your current kitchen. Again, it is very important for you to check with all the necessary authorities to make sure that having a garbage disposer won’t cause any unnecessary issues to your home. Be sure your drain tank is cleaned and up to standards before making any purchasing decisions.
  3. Will it fit my budget? Purchasing a waste disposer isn’t a buy-and-done situation. You must be sure that you’re able to keep up with the costs financially because there will be additional water that you will be using every day. An efficient waste disposer will increase your utility cost, so make sure that you’re able to foot the bill and keep up with all the necessary requirements of owning this product.
  4. Are my pipes up to the task? I will strongly suggest against setting up a new waste unit if your sink tends to jam up a lot. A garbage disposer flushes waste down your pipes, and if your pipes clog up a lot it may cause a problem with your outdoor sewer tank or lead to an unwanted leak inside of your kitchen.

Types Of Garbage Disposals On The Market

With new technology advancements and changing customer preferences, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are finding new and intuitive ways of formulating effective waste disposers. Essentially, there are two types of garbage disposers that you can choose from, Continuous or Batch feed models. Both have unique features that set them apart.

  1. Continuous Feed: These models are straightforward to use, and they allow you to continually place waste in the drain until it is washed down. The downside to these models is that they have an open filler area that is susceptible to food flying out.
  2. Batch Feed Disposals: These models work by loading the food waste initially before starting the blades. The batch models are enormous on safety and are great for families with smaller children. The one downside to these models is the expensive cost, and it does require some time to dispose of food waste.

Different Features Of A Garbage Disposal

There are specific features that each garbage disposal unit is equipped with that set it apart. Each element comes together to paint a complete picture of reliability, effectiveness, and functionality. Some disposals may come with a power cord, and others may not. These varying characteristics are what we’ll explore next.

Power Cord

Like any power cord that easily plugs into an adjacent outlet, some disposal units come equipped with a power cord that can fit comfortably into most outlets. If a cord isn’t included, the disposal system will have to be manually installed by a professional.

Automatic Mode

More than likely, you’ll have to deal with a jam at one point or another. An automatic mode that reverses the blades can be used to clear even the most problematic jams easily. Specific disposal models will feature this automatic reverse feature for efficiently removing troublesome jams.


The models on our list feature a wide array of horsepower, from 0.5-hp to 1-hp, for completely chopping up food. If you think the 0.5-hp isn’t strong enough, be aware that even 0.5-hp is enough to shred bones. Otherwise, the 3/4 to 1-hp models will be ideal for even the most demanding jobs if you need a more heavy-duty input. There will be less chance of any jamming with more horsepower.


If you’re a self-confident person, then do it yourself and choose a model that is easy to mount and install. Most of the higher horsepower models are going to require some assistance to set up mainly due to their weight.


Most garbage disposals make safety a top priority. They come equipped with splash guards and other features to limit the opportunity of anything unsafe occurring. If you have a lot of younger children running around your house, then you want to pay keen attention to the safety additions included on each model.

Stainless Steel Construction

All of the Waste King models added to the list have a complete stainless steel interior and exterior. Stainless steel offers many benefits that you can’t find with any other material. Due to the presence of food and water, the possibility of rust and corrosion is incredibly high. The stainless steel construction confers protection from any form of foreign objects or rust, brings years of durability to your disposal unit.

Included Warranty

As you may have noticed, practically all models of garbage disposal come equipped with a beneficial warranty contract. Some warranties range from two years up to lifetime coverage.; this means that if anything is damaged on your unit, it will be replaced or fixed free of charge. The longer your warranty lasts, the more peace of mind you’ll have, and your disposal will perform incredibly better in the long run.


Picking effective waste disposal for your needs isn’t a simple task. Hopefully, using this list and the associated buyers’ guide can help you make a knowledgeable decision without breaking the bank. Most disposal units come equipped with powerful motors that increase in effectiveness the higher you’re willing to go in your budget. Take, for instance, the L-9940. It’s jam-packed with power and great for those heavy-duty jobs.

Having finished reading this guide, you’re firmly equipped with the necessary information to make a wise decision on which Waste King Garbage disposal to choose. From the L-1001 to the L-111, Waste King offers a plethora of disposal units to fit any budget or kitchen setup.

All of the Waste King Disposal units mentioned on this list are of top quality, so you won’t go wrong when deciding which one is right for you. Whether you’re planning on entertaining only your family or throwing a big party, the model that can handle the mess was mentioned on this list.

Remember, each disposal system comes with a warranty to ensure that if any damages or defect occurs after your purchase, you can quickly send in your disposal unit, and it can be repaired or replaced. Regardless of the garbage disposal you choose to purchase, hopefully, this list helped you make that decision.