Best Garbage Disposals Under $100

Last Updated:  April 22, 2022

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The best garbage disposal under $100 for the house is the one you picked that you truly think will look good under the sink, chew up all the waste in your sink, and help keep the kitchen clean. A lot of families are looking for ways to get rid of their leftover food without throwing it in the trash where all the fruit flies congregate.

There are families that want to buy a brand new garbage disposal because their old unit just does not work anymore, or if they want something that they can install and maintain on their own. Get away from the old days of disposals that had to be wired by a professional by purchasing something that you plugin and use after a short installation process.

Searching for a garbage disposal might be a confusing process for you, but all of the disposals on this list provide homeowners with the power, space, and simplicity they were looking for.

Our Rating of the Best Garbage Disposals Under $100

1. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP (L-8000) – Editor’s Choice


  • The big motor works great in commercial kitchens.
  • It can be installed by the buyer.


  • Big motors are too loud for some townhouses or apartments.
  • It is possible that it is too big to fit under the sink.

Waste King’s 1 HP unit is really powerful because that might be necessary for a busy kitchen or commercial kitchen. The unit is a little taller than others, and it offers enough space for all the things that need to be shoved down the drain.

A larger disposal is sometimes needed when large or hard food products are sent down the drain, and using a 1 HP unit could prevent bones or extra-hard items from damaging the disposal.

1 HP is a lot of power for smaller kitchens, but it is helpful to people who are constantly having to put things down the drain. The power itself can chew up anything including ice and hardened food products from an old plate. The power cord reaches the nearest outlet, and it has powerful blades made from stainless steel to cut up everything.

Someone who thinks of trying this disposal might buy it because of the power, space, and ease of installation. You do not necessarily need a plumber to install the disposal because it was designed so simply that anyone could do the job.

2. Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP (L-2600) – Great Value


  • There is extra room inside the canister for water and food waste.
  • It plugs into the wall instead of forcing the buyer to do their own wiring.


  • Big disposals do not always fit under small sinks.
  • Wiring might be required if you have an old kitchen setup.

Waste King makes a wide selection of garbage disposals, and they make some with more room for water and leftovers. The food could clog up much smaller disposal, and that is why you might want to purchase a larger disposal.

Using the Waste King is easier because you can drop in the disposal where your old drain used to be. They have the regular pipes and connections set up for you when you install the disposal, and it can be installed by a family in an afternoon. The extra space is easy to see when the disposal hangs beneath the sink, and it plugs into an outlet.

People are choosing a disposal like this because they need the extra space and more power. Homeowners can install it themselves, and it could easily replace an old disposal or give the family their first disposal.

3. Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP (L-1001) – Easy Installation


  • The disposal is easy to install in the place of your old drain.
  • These disposals have a lot of power for busy kitchens.


  • Some people think 1/2 HP is way too much.
  • There are some sinks that have no outlet to plug into.

Waste King is a company you might have heard of before, and they have a couple of options for the family that wants to buy and install their own garbage disposal. Try this disposal when you want a simple device that does not make much noise.

The 1/2 HP garbage disposal comes with a collar that replaces your sink’s drain, and it hangs just under the sink with a big compartment that holds a lot of water. It runs quietly, and it uses special blades to dispose of any leftover food in just seconds.

Plug in this device when it has been installed, run it with the water going, and listen to all that leftover food vanishes into the pipes under your sink. You can attach it to your dishwasher, or you could attach it to the traditional pipes under the sink.

4. InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer – Best 1/2 HP Model


  • Installing the disposal is easy.
  • It comes with the pipes and accessories that are needed.


  • It has to be plugged in and you might not have an outlet.
  • It might be too large for your tiny sink.

The Badger is a signature 1/2 HP machine that comes with the extra space inside the cylinder that some people need. They go for this disposal because it has the name brand they were hoping for. They want to have just enough power that helps keep the kitchen clean, but it is not so loud that it is distracting or disturbing to the people in the house.

The Badger could be set up by the buyer because it sits in the place of the drain, and it has all the pipes that are needed to attach to the sink or the dishwasher. InSinkErator makes food waste disposal units with strong materials, and they can be used in both home or commercial kitchens.

Someone who buys this disposal can get it installed in a couple of hours, and they can expect that the warranty will stand behind the product if there is a problem. It has just enough power, but it does not make much sound.

5. Waste King Legend Series 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal (L-111) – Best 1/3 HP Model


  • A tiny disposal works in all kitchens.
  • You avoid the loud, jarring sounds of other disposals.


  • The power level might be too low for you.
  • You cannot use the disposal if you have no outlet under the sink.

Smaller kitchens need the smallest garbage disposals, and the Waste King 1/3 HP is much smaller than any other in their product line. The disposal is still easy to install, and it is something that could be done by any buyer using the instruction manual.

The tiny disposal makes almost no sound at all because the motor is not that powerful. It will be helpful to the people who want to add a disposal to their kitchen, and it saves them money because they do not have to spend so much money to get their first disposal.

This is the disposal that someone could install alone, and it has so little power that it never startles the user when it is turned on. It comes with a power cord that makes powering the device with a switch much simpler.

Buyers’ Guide

How Do I Choose The Right Amount Of Power For My Garbage Disposal?

Choosing a garbage disposal is a more complex process than some people believe because they did not know they could get so many different styles. You could choose a very large garbage disposal that has a 1 HP, and there are disposals that have so little power they make almost no noise at all. 1/2 HP is the standard for the industry, but you could step up to 1 HP or down to 1/3 HP. Look at how much you plan to put down your drain before buying, and you can line up the motor with how often you plan to use the disposal.

Who Should Install My Garbage Disposal?

Most people can install their own garbage disposal because it is nothing more than a cylinder that hangs below the sink. You remove the old drain cap, replace it with the cap that comes with the disposal, and you attach the two parts under the sink. All the modern disposals come with plugs that allow you to plug in under the sink. You get the pipes that you need to connect to the dishwasher or the sink plumbing.

Why Would You Buy A Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is the fastest way to get rid of food in the kitchen because it is chewed up and sent through the pipes to exit the house. You do not need to throw away all that food in your garbage can where the fruit flies come out. Your kitchen stays clean, and you can unclog the sink by running the disposal. The disposals are all made with blunted blades that are safe to touch if you ever need to repair, and the disposal is something that most people expect to see in the kitchen in the modern day.

How Much Should I Pay?

You do not need to pay more than $100 for a disposal because the advanced technology has helped reduce prices. Do not allow a plumber or salesperson to sell you something that is extremely expensive, and check around to see which one would suit your budget. You have other things that you need to pay for in the kitchen, and modern garbage disposals help you stay under budget during a remodel or renovation.

Wiring Or Plugs?

Old garbage disposals come with wiring panels that you must connect to you, and they are usually too complicated for the modern homeowner to use. Get a garbage disposal with a plug that you can plug into an outlet. You should have an outlet put under your sink if that is needed, and you can get the disposal powered in a few moments.

How Do I Reset My Disposal?

The garbage disposal comes with a reset button on the base that you press when it has been stuck our shorted out. Check the circuit breakers in the house before pressing the reset button, and use the button to turn the power back on. You might need to remove clogs before trying to run the disposal again, and you could use an Allen key to turn the blades manually.

How Do I Manually Operate My Disposal?

You can manually operate a garbage disposal using the Allen socket on the base. Turn the blades slowly with the wrench, turn until you feel the pressure release, and turn on the water to run your disposal again. Someone who is tempted to stick their hand down the disposal should use the Allen key on the base instead.

Do I Run The Water While Using My Disposal?

The disposal tends to run very hotly, and you must run the water to keep it cool and lubricated. The interior of the disposal simply cannot be run dry because the blades will produce so much heat that you could see smoke or steam. Teach your kids to run the water when using the disposal, and call a plumber if you ever see the disposal smoking while the water is on.

Do I Need Extra Space In My Disposal?

The extra space inside the disposal is needed when you have a big kitchen or a lot of things that must be shoved down the drain. There are a lot of people who have such busy kitchens that they use the disposal constantly. Extra space in the disposal helps it fill with water and dispose of all your food waste in just a couple seconds.

Can I Buy Online?

You can buy your garbage disposal online without consulting with a plumber. You do not need anything to help you with the disposal because they are made to be installed by the homeowner. Someone who wants to buy the disposal online should look for free shipping, better prices, and the brand they are most comfortable with.