InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Review

Last Updated:  November 3, 2020

1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Review


  • Septic tank assist is very important if you are concerned about your tank.
  • The machine has padding to protect your ears from the sound of the 3/4 HP motor.
  • You can plug it in under the sink.
  • The machine has a sleek body.
  • The reset button and turning crank are easy to reach.
  • The stainless steel mechanisms will never rust.
  • The drain lock installation system helps you install the machine on your own.


  • The machine might be so powerful that you feel it is unnecessary
  • You might not have a septic tank, and the assist solution is not that helpful.
  • You might still be uncomfortable installing the device yourself.
  • You still have to connect the pipes despite the drain lock.
  • You might not have a plug under your sink.

The InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP Septic Assist garbage disposal is a fantastic way for you to dispose of all your food waste. You might discover that it is much easier to care for your kitchen when you have a nice disposal, and this is a very modern unit that you could install on your own without much trouble.

Take a look at what this disposal can do for you, and it could become your favorite device that sits in the kitchen.

The Body

The body of the device is made from futuristic metal and plastics. It does not look like the garbage disposals of the past, and it has a stainless steel drain lock. The front of the machine has a little reset button that is easy to use if you ever have a short in the breakers, and you will see a sleek body that is set up to fit under even the tightest sink.

The Interior

The interior of the disposal was designed to hold more water than normal, and it has stainless steel blades that will never fade. Someone who has had problems with disposals in the past might prefer this device because it is designed to never wear down. The internal blades that are found in the drum of the device will not rust, and they could remain wet for years at a time without being damaged.

The Power Source

Plug in this machine under the sink, and it will remain powered at all times without any complicated wiring that people are used to. The device can be reset with the button on the front, and it has an Allen wrench button on the bottom that allows you to turn the cylinder manually.

Simple Installation

The installation of the device has been made so much easier because of the way the drain lock was constructed. The drain lock is two collars that fit on either side of the drain. You can close the drain lock in seconds, and you can test the gaskets for leaks. The machine has a slick rubber gasket that fits in with the sink you already have, and you do not need the help of a plumber to get it set up.

Why Do You Need 3/4 HP?

3/4 HP will grin up anything that you put down the sink, and it is one of the better things for you to use if you have a big family or a busy kitchen. You might want this disposal if you are in a commercial kitchen, and it is just powerful enough that you could teach your kids to do the dishes and still grind the extra food that they have put down the disposal.

Is Evolution Septic Assist Quiet Enough?

The machine is very quiet because it comes with the extra padding that is needed. The noise reduction on the machine alone makes it worth the money because it does not hammer like the older disposals that you might be used to. You will notice that you do not wake up the whole house when you use the machine, and it is something that will be much more peaceful to use. You will not feel bowled over when you turn on the machine, and you will not hear all the horrible noises of things being ground up in the machine.

How Long Does A Machine Like This Last?

The machine that you have bought has a warranty that helps protect the device, and you could call in any problems with the device that occur. You can use this machine now so that you do not need to worry about replacing it in the future. This is the post of device that will help see your family out, and it will be the device that your kids remember installing when they were little.

The Septic Assist

The Septic Assist tag on this machine is the most important part of it all. Your septic tank is a constant source of worry because you do not want it to be clogged or to back up. You are doing all the things that you can keep the septic tank healthy, and the septic assist solution is the best thing for the tank. The solution that is in the disposal will help you keep the septic tank clean, and it releases the solution every time you put something into the disposal. The solution will help break down food particles more than normal, and that makes it much easier for you to care for your septic tank.


You could purchase the Evolution with Septic Assist because you need to put a new disposal in your home, and you will find that this amazing machine can provide you with all the grinding power you need, the solution that breaks down food particles, and stainless steel parts that will never break down. You will see the difference under your sink because of the design of the machine, and you will feel as though anything could be put down the drain.