InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

Last Updated:  November 3, 2020

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal


  • Reasonable cost
  • Compact designed size and shape
  • Good grinding performance
  • Long-lasting with galvanized steel
  • Easy to mount
  • Comes with oiled ball bearings
  • A limited warranty of 2-years


  • Less Horsepower than other models

Having a reliable kitchen garbage disposer is one key element to having a clean house and a simple way to dispose of your waste. One such reliable garbage disposer is the InSinkErator Badger 5. It is manufactured by one of the most popular InSinkErator Company, which has crafted a good image when it comes to making garbage disposer equipment.

 Once you mount this product under your kitchen sink, every kitchen waste that goes through it gets out to the sewer line as if it’s a liquid. Let’s have a look at what makes this unit such an impeccable garbage disposer.

Key Features of the InSinkErator Badger 5

Dura-Drive Motor 0.5 Horsepower

The InSinkErator Barger 5 is made to efficiently grind kitchen garbage. It’s equipped with a 0.5 horsepower motor that efficiently grinds all types of kitchen wastes. The Dura-Drive motor is designed to last long with maintenance-free performance. Whenever the grinding chamber picks up higher speed you will witness how powerful and faster it can rotate the grinding system.


The crushing compartment is made up of a galvanized steel crushing system. The outer stainless steel design maintains the grinding system into its place even with the powerful vibrations from the motor.

Quick Lock Technology

This unit comes with a unique yet modest securing mechanism that is easy to mount and take out. You can mount it by following easy steps from the manual and you don’t have to trouble yourself calling your technician over to fix it. In fact, this can save you some money you may need to pay for the mounting services. Besides, this unit extra components are needed for a complete setup. But if you want to replace your old unit, there is an option to buy the unit alone without the extra components included.


Everyone likes a longer warranty once they have purchased an electronic device. Once you buy the InSinkErator Badger 5 you stand a chance to enjoy a special “We Come to You” 2-Year In-Home Limited Warranty. This warranty covers repairs, replacements, and other specialized services from expert technicians.

InSinkErator Grind Technology

This disposer unit boasts of having its manufacturer’s most guarded secret, and original unique grind technology. The crushing structure comprises of Grind Shear ring which crushes even the tough kitchen garbage into mincemeat. With this system, kitchen garbage is almost liquefied to allow them to be easily discharged through any kitchen dirt system while reducing the chances of blockage.

Buyer’s Guide

Most garbage disposal systems have the same appearance there are notable features that draw the distinction line. If you read through this buyer’s guide you will know how to distinguish the best garbage disposer unit from an average unit.


Garbage disposer units are equipped with permanently designed motors. This makes the rotor to rotate at an equivalent speed of the motor’s rotating magnetic field. Good motors feature over 1/2 horsepower to ensure the more powerful enough to grind the kitchen garbage quickly. As you set off to get a new unit, make sure you look for a higher horsepower motor.

Grinding Speed

The speed of the grinder is a crucial element to look at when you want to buy a good kitchen garbage disposer. To know the speed at which the grinder rotates, look at the revolutions per minute. A good unit has lies between 1725 RPM to 2800 RPM. The greater the speed the quicker the garbage will be disintegrated. Choose units with a higher speed of grinding.


The materials used to construct these units do not very much, but it is advisable to buy a unit that features stainless steel construction because they are durable. Construction materials that may also be long-lasting are glass-filled nylon and galvanized steel. Stainless steel stands out to be the best for the grinding components of the garbage disposer since they do will not corrode or rust.


Dimensions of the unit you want to buy really matters. You wouldn’t want to buy a big unit that can’t fit the area under your sink or too small to perfectly fit your sink area. So, getting the correct dimension of your product will lead to a successful proper installation as your unit would fit without a struggle.

Fast Mount Installation

Certainly, you don’t want to pay huge installation costs for a waste disposal unit. As such, you will tend to look for a unit that is easy and quick to install by yourself. Moreover, choose units that come with installation materials.


The length of the unit’s warranty is also a significant aspect. Before you pay for your garbage unit disposal, look at the warranty and get to know what it covers and what it does not cover. Different units come with different warranty specifications. As such, choose a unit that has a convincing but reasonable warranty cover. Don’t forget to look at what it specifically covers.


The InSinkErator Badger 5 may not be the most affordable garbage disposal on the market. However, it is always advisable to pay an extra coin in order to get it right in your kitchen. If you are planning to install or replace your old unit, this is an incredible garbage disposer that can serve you well. What’s more, you are backed by a 2-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.