In-Sink-Erator Evolution Select 5/8 HP Garbage Disposal

Last Updated:  November 3, 2020

1. In-Sink-Erator Evolution Select 5/8 HP Garbage Disposal


  • It works well with new clamps
  • It can usually adjust well to slight plumbing line-up adjustments
  • Even professional plumbers have been impressed with it
  • The instructions have been reported to be easily understood
  • Along with being quieter, it is also said to not have much of a vibration
  • Its Antimicrobial Quiet Collar sink battle is easy to remove for cleaning, it also helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria from leaking into the air
  • Tends to make the sink cabinet more spacious
  • Installs easily with metal C-clamps. This will work if its accompanied by clearing jams don’t.
  • The instruction manual is said to be very easy to understand


  • May not fit under smaller sinks
  • It is not corded so the electric wires in the wall have to be directly connected to it. Or if your sink does have a power outlet, you can purchase the cord separately. It comes at 120 volts. Connectors can be purchased separately. It can also fit into cables that need to be cut off if you purchase a strain relief fitting.
  • It can be hard to fit in if your drain pipes are positioned in a certain way
  • The installation has been noted to be easy but can be a two-person job. In some cases, it has been reported that it can be difficult to keep it sealed to the unit while tightening the lugs with a wrench.
  • It does not contain a plumber’s putty. So that along with any needed sink attachments will need to be purchased separately. Unless you’re planning to hire a plumber to install it for you.
  • You need to be very cautious when punching out the plastic circle for the dishwasher hose. It has been known to lead to injury when not done correctly.
  • Some instruction manuals apparently neglect to mention that a rubber sink drain shield is necessary for the installation.

The In-Sink-Erator Evolution Select 5/8-hp Compact Garbage Disposal operates quietly and is designed to have a long life. The former is made possible by its DuraDrive and SoundSeal technology. It has a multi-grind technology that is designed to grind food as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is designed by the Evolution Series, who are dedicated to making their garbage disposals the most advanced on a global basis. They also design all of their products for smaller home spaces and kitchens with restricted cabinet space. They design all of their motors to reduce the sound while at the same time grinding as effectively as possible.

In-Sink-Erator Evolution Select 5/8-hp Compact Features

  • Stainless steel grind components and grind chamber weighs about 34.6 ounces
  • The Select 5/8 weighs just over 19 pounds
  • It is approximately eight inches in diameter, 10 inches tall, and 12.5 at the overall height
  • The depth, length, and width are all the same at 8.75
  • It includes a Quick-Lock mount, gasket, and stopper
  • Its grinder is a two-stage with an RPM of 1725
  • Its stainless steel makes it very durable
  • It comes with a quick sink mount lock that makes for easy installation and clean-up

Other Notes

The Select 5/8 is not currently available on Amazon. Quite a few customers have reported that the Select 5/8 has been a great replacement for after their old disposal dies out. Some have said that they have previously had one that was only partially effective or one that simply stopped working after anywhere from about a month to a few years.

Others have complained that their previous one would get obnoxious if they tried to dispose even the slightest amount of hard vegetables. At least one other has reported that it can even handle strip steak without much of a problem. However, if something like a pork rib bone shard does sneak in there on you, you will most likely just have to push the reset button.

However, the same amount of vegetables only takes seconds with the Select 5/8. Numerous reviews have greatly complimented the Select 5/8’s motor’s quietness.

The Select 5/8’s discharge tube often aligns perfectly with the sink’s existing plumbing. It has even been known to eliminate the need for PCV pipes and fittings that are necessary for other and older models. The flange and mounting rings don’t usually need to be replaced.

They often fit perfectly into mountings that are as old as 30 years. Even senior citizens have expressed appreciation for their high quality and simplicity.

Like all Insinkerator products, the Select 5/8 is known for its quietness. It’s supposed to make enough noise to let you know that it’s running well and to prevent something like a spoon or a chicken leg from getting caught in it. It is supposed to be quiet enough not to wake a sleeping person.

However, it is not supposed to be as obnoxious as other or older models. If yours turns out to be obnoxiously loud, it could be a sign of an unlocked mounting ring, stuck impellers, or pulled plumbing. As a result, you are advised to contact Insinkerator.

The Select 5/8 is designed to grind very quickly. If it doesn’t, it’s probably that the metal lugs are stuck. First, try running it for two or three minutes straight with cold water.


The Select 5/8 is definitely highly recommended. It has been out since 2011. Up to this point, the only complaints have been that it does not always work with smaller sinks or position well with certain drain pipes. It is also very easy for DIYers to handle as it does not require any special tools to install it.