Best Garbage Disposals Under $200

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  • Costs less
  • Consumers less energy
  • A power cord is included
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  • The cord for power is a part of the deal.
  • EZ mount makes putting it into the sink less difficult.
  • A motor will plow through waste.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Covered for 4 years with a limited warranty
  • SoundSeal technology offers quiet operation
InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP ReviewSometimes, it can seem like the to-do list for your home is endless, with a light bulb to replace here, or a screw to put in there, but the garbage disposal may not even be included in that long lingering list. Are you thinking that you may now need to add it? Well now, you may imagine yourself strolling frantically down the aisle of a utility store or stressing after browsing a bunch of websites searching for a reputable garbage disposal. You could quickly become overwhelmed by the list of details about the product’s features, or the lengthy reviews written by either overly excited customers or extremely irate ones. You could be so overwhelmed that you decide not to look into it after all.

However, the function of a garbage disposal can shift your cooking and cleaning routine from an arduous task to one that you do not mind at all. It is definitely worth checking out to decide whether it is something that could be of use to you. Even if you are tossing around the idea of getting one, you do not have the time and effort to put into comparing and contrasting a few different types and brands before you are sure of which one to get. Right? So, let this list serve as your friendly guide, helping you learn all there is to know about these useful machines.

Best Garbage Disposals Under $200 – Comparison Table

Our Rating of the Best Garbage Disposals Under $200

Waste King Legend Series(L-2600) – Best All Around — $

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Here is Miss Congeniality of this grand Garbage Disposal Pageant, since most customers enjoy its company in their kitchen. This unit is a step up in rpms, which are rotations per minute meaning how many times the blade spins per minute, from its little sister named above. The unit is more powerful, easily cleaned, and can take on waste from an itty bitty family of one to a medium-sized family

  • The cord for power is a part of the deal.
  • EZ mount makes putting it into the sink less difficult.
  • A motor will plow through waste.
  • Made from material that will resist rust.
  • Continuous feed which uses less water.
  • 5 year limited maintenance warranty.
  • Smaller size creates space underneath a sink.
  • Not batch feed so could be potentially dangerous.
  • Maybe louder when functioning.
  • If you are installing this brand after having a different one installed, it may be difficult.
  • Since the unit’s horsepower is smaller, it cannot grind a significant amount of waste at one time.
  • According to this review, the rubber gasket could possibly cause leaks.


InSinkErator Badger 5XP 3/4 HP – Nice Starter — $$

Check Latest PriceLet’s kick off this list with a beginner’s option. The InSinkErator Badger can serve as your first step into waste disposal land if your eyes have never seen a garbage disposal before, and you only want to know that the unit will turn on and chomp up a tiny amount of food. This particular item is highly recommended according to these reviews. We will explain more below, but beware, because buyers can also expect a few downsides:

  • The continuous feed allows constant use.
  • Fairly quiet during use.
  • Grinds items down more thoroughly with larger horsepower.
  • Maintenance is assured for 3 years with a limited warranty.
  • Easy to install, according to these reviews.
  • It is not a batch feed, which could possibly cause safety issues and increase your usage of water.
  • Grind chamber material is made of galvanized steel, so it does tend to rust internally.
  • Life of this disposal is rather short at around 5 years.
  • Look into a purchasing a power cord separately, since it is not attached to this unit.


InSinkErator Evolution – A Bit Pricey but Very Nicey — $$

Check Latest PriceAlright, we have jumped straight into the pool of disposals and we must keep swimming if we are going to find a disposal that will be a life saver. Here is the big brother of the previously mentioned item. Older people are usually the wisest, and you can expect that wise nature in the way that this item has been put together. A stainless steel body prevents this model from quickly rusting. As you may have assumed, this upgrade will cost you, but it is still a solid option. While contemplating, consider the following:

  • Can be easy to install if you already have this same brand in your kitchen sink.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Covered for 4 years with a limited warranty.
  • SoundSeal technology offers quiet operation.
  • Grinds items down more thoroughly with the help of the 3/4 horsepower and MultiGrind Technology.
  • Small in size, which frees up space underneath your sink.
  • 3/4 HP is good for medium to large households and can break up harder items.
  • If you did not have the same type of disposal before, you may have to reach out to a professional to set this one up.
  • Cord for power is not attached to the disposal.
  • Safety issues could arise since it is continuous feed, and usage of water may also be higher due to same.


Waste King Legend (1001) – Budget Friendly — $

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Dealing with a slightly more restricted budget can still allow the convenience of a garbage disposal. This established brand of disposer is at an enticing price, and if your disposal needs are minimal, it may be something that works for you. According to Disposal Mag, a 1/2 HP disposal will work well for a small to medium size family. Check out more details below:

  • Costs less.
  • Consumers less energy.
  • A power cord is included.
  • Continuous feed for convenience.
  • Uses less water which will decrease your overall water usage.
  • 5 Year Limited In-Home Warranty and Corrosion Warranty.
  • Highly durable since the inside of disposal is made of corrosion-free stainless steel.
  • High-speed vortex inside of disposal produces more food pulverizing power.
  • A reset button is mounted on the front for ease.
  • Continuous feed, so it could potentially be a safety issue.
  • A smaller unit, so grinding chamber does not fit much.
  • 1/2 HP at 1001 rpms only allows for minimal grinding of waste.
  • The noisiest among them all.


Buyer’s Guide

If you feel information overload taking a hold of your brain, no worries! Just breathe and remember what you are looking for in a disposer by using the buyer’s guide down here:

Is the unit batch feed or continuous?

If the unit is batch feed, that means that it will only allow small amounts of waste to be disintegrated at a time and if it is the opposite, ample amounts of waste can be obliterated nonstop

How many people will use the disposer?

If you have plenty of people, go with the disposer that has a horsepower of 3/4 and higher, but if only you and a couple other people’s plates will be emptied into it, then go with the 1/2 horsepower or lower

Does the stature of the disposer match the bills in your wallet?

No shame in working with a lower budget, but decide whether you are willing to sacrifice the material, size, or volume level to do so. Smaller units tend to be cheaply made, so their time of using may be cut after tossing in a chicken bone that required a little too much effort to grind

Also, smaller units can be louder due to cheap quality

If you have more to spend, the quiet, powerful, super long lasting disposer is a possibility, but also be alert to the size of the area beneath your sink, because larger units may not be able to fit

Do you have extra money for upkeep?

Although a disposer can be your friend, if the parts begin to break down, you will officially have a new enemy

If you have the extra funds saved to cover breakdowns, you’re good. If not, find out whether the brand provides a warranty to cover it.

As a forewarning, customers had complaints and questions about these disposals and the answers are below:


InSinkErator Badger

Leaks, rust, loud operation; if leaks occur for a while or rust causes the unit to cease operation, the entire unit should be disposed of and a new one should be put in its place

For the “do it yourselfers”, a few customers were unhappy with trying to figure out a way to prop the unit up to secure the ring that locks the unit in place and one, but it is light at about 13 pounds, so setting the unit up yourself is doable

The lack of a cord for power is an annoyance, but if you had the same brand of disposal, you can use the cord from that one

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Also prone to leaks

D.I.Y crowd look out, customers say the unit may require assistance toward the end of set-up because it is a bit larger than other disposers

Otherwise, customers are not complaining much about this one

Waste King Legend L-1001

The additional splash guard that is included with this one goes in place of the hush collar of your prior disposer

If you have a dishwasher, this unit can connect to same

Waste King Legend L-2600

If domestic made products are important to you, some customers are advising that the package of this item is stating that it was made abroad in China, instead of the U.S. as the brand states

A reset button does exist on the front of the disposer

Customers have confirmed that it will fit a normal sized sink which is usually 3 ½ feet.


Now, imagine gliding down the aisle the utility store or down the website for disposers as you prepare to make your selection. After steadily reading this list, you have instantly become an expert on this subject, and everything you can now make a fully educated purchase. You are relaxed and you are ready, and so you walk up the aisle to find the different options or search the website and your eyes find the item that required this immense effort.

Before you make your purchase, you remember to consider the above details including the size of your family which will define the amount of waste your household produces, the amount of space underneath your sink so that you can choose the correct size of disposal, the horsepower of the unit which will work in connection to the size of your family, the rpms of the unit which will allow for more power if you have a larger amount of waste, the kind of material used to construct the unit, the process of installation, and whether a warranty is included. Everything checks out and you do too. Whew! After taking all of that into consideration, there is no doubt that you will be able to decide whether a garbage disposal is right for you and if so, the particular one that fits your needs best.

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