Best Garbage Disposals For Home

Last Updated:  November 4, 2020

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Usually, people produce a reasonable amount of waste in their homes that should be disposed as soon as it is produced. This way, one is able to reduce garbage and maintain a healthy environment. Even when one tries to recycle or reuse waste, some leftovers will still remain and ought to be disposed right away.

It is such a scenario that a garbage disposal comes in handy. A garbage disposal is a machine fitted beneath the sink to cut any food waste into smaller pieces that can easily pass through the drains without clogging them.

Waste King Legend Series 1/3 HP with Power Cord (L-111)
Waste King Legend Series 1/3 HP with Power Cord (L-111)
  • Comes with high-speed motor
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Compact and lightweight to save your space
Waste King Legend (L-2600)
Waste King Legend (L-2600)
  • It simple to clean and install
  • The stainless steel makes it durable
  • High grinding speed
InSinkErator Evolution Excel
InSinkErator Evolution Excel
  • Manual reset button
  • Multigrind technology for easy breaking of waste
  • Grinds quietly

In order to have an efficient waste management system, consider buying the right waste disposer device. There are many types of waste dispose machines that you can find in the stores market but finding the right garbage disposer that is appropriate for your needs can be a challenge. However, good guidance on what to consider prior to purchasing a waste disposer device, you can settle for the best unit to handle the garbage in your kitchen.

In case you intend to acquire a kitchen waste disposer unit or replacing your older unit, we are here to help you. We will show how to settle for the right disposer unit as well as recommend to you some units that may consider when you venture out in the market.

6 Best Garbage Disposals for Home

1. Waste King Legend (L-2600) – Editor’s Choice

Waste King Legend (L-2600) review


  • It simple to clean and install.
  • The stainless steel makes it durable.
  • High grinding speed.


  • Some users might find it to be too small.
  • It is quite loud when in use.

If you fancy quick and proficient grinding garbage disposal, this is the garbage disposal unit to consider. It features a high-speed motor of ½ horsepower to provide 2600 revolutions per minute in order to run efficiently.

It is easy to clean due to its detachable splashguard. It is fitted with the EZ mount, which makes the installation process easy and quick. It comes with a pre-installed power cord that requires no electrical work.

It is compact and lightweight with all stainless steel components for longevity. It is also continuous-feed disposal that is activated by a wall switch to quickly grind food waste in a continuous process.

If you have a small space but seriously need a waste disposal unit, then we recommend this L-2600 Waste King Garbage disposal unit due to its compact size.


  • Comes with a high-speed motor.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Compact and lightweight to save your space.
  • Two-year limited in-home warranty.


  • For easy installation, it requires sink collar replacement.
  • Requires you to cut the drainpipe in order to fit.

Apart from coming with a speed of 1900 revolutions per minute, this unit is best for its affordable price tag. The compact but powerful disposal unit is perfect at keeping your kitchen waste-free. 

It features a 1/3 HP powerful motor that tackles the food leftovers impressively while saving on your electricity bills. It is powerful enough to grind most of the kitchen wastes in seconds. Its permanent magnet motor attains top speed almost instantly thus minimizing the likelihood of jamming.

It is also simple to wash as it comes with a removable splashguard. It is easy to mount under your sink saving you extra money for hiring a technician. It is also lightweight and compact, thus saving you space under the sink.

This continuous-feed unit is triggered by a wall-switch to crash food scraps quickly and in a continuous manner. If you are operating on a tight budget yet you need a waste disposer with high-quality features, we recommend this unit to you.


  • Powerful motor for quick grinding of wastes.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components for longevity.
  • Simple installation and cleaning.


  • No tips on troubleshooting when it leaks.
  • Too loud for some users.

This L-3300 is popular for its powerful 3/4HP motor that delivers 2700 RPM. With this high speed, this disposer is capable of crushing food wastes quickly to cut your electricity bills.

The L-3300 is easy to install because it comes with an EZ mount that makes its installation below your kitchen sink easy and quick. The detachable splash guard makes the cleaning hassle-free.

It also comes with a pre-installed power cord, implying that you don’t have to hire a technician to do the connections. Moreover, it is sound insulated to enable quiet operations. 

This waste disposer features all stainless steel grind components that make it long-lasting. The high strength, as well as a corrosion-proof grinding chamber, is also rustproof which makes it durable. It is also compressed, which means that it will take just a little space beneath your sink and allow you to store other things besides it.

This model comes with a manual button that allows you to reset it for a safer shut down whenever there is an overload or a rare jam. It also reverts to running status easily once you press the manual reset button.

We recommend this waste disposer for people who need a grinder capable of crushing food wastes that require more power.


  • Manual reset button.
  • Multigrind technology for easy breaking of waste.
  • Grinds quietly.


  • Very expensive.
  • The substantial rubber collar blocks solid food.

If you need a waste disposer unit that you can rely on, you should consider this grinder. This unit is a representation of the highest level of performance.

The model comes with a powerful 1.0HP Dura-Drive induction motor and MultiGrind technology that is capable of delivering 3 stages of grind. This means that you will never worry about the kind of food wastes you put into your disposer.

The SoundSeal Technology incorporates advanced-level insulation, vibration-reducing connections, and a special Quiet Collar Sink Baffle that significantly blocks any noise coming from the sink whenever it is in operation. These features enable the sink to deliver an ultra-quiet performance.

It comes with an exclusive jam-sensor circuit and an auto-reverse grind system. Basically, this system automatically improves the torque by 500 percent to break down tough jams as well as auto-reverse grind to allow the disposer to reverse direction whenever a jam is imminent.

The stainless steel parts of the grinder are resistant to corrosion caused by minerals and water exposure, thus making it long-lasting. Its manual reset button conveniently resets once there is a surge.

This waste disposer is backed with a 7-year warranty and allows you to get value for your money. As such, we highly recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable waste disposal system.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4HP – Best Dura Drive Induction Motor

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4HP review


  • Features stainless steel parts for durability.
  • Powerful 3/4HP motor.
  • Manual reset button.
  • 2 grind stages.


  • Very expensive.
  • Huge and may take more space.

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is designed mainly for homes fitted with septic systems. This unit features a powerful 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor and 2 stages of grinding, which allow it to grind even the tough food wastes efficiently.

It also comes with SoundSeal Technology for quiet operation. This garbage disposal is constructed with all stainless steel components that are corrosion resistant that is caused by water and minerals.

The grinding chamber can hold 40oz of waste when full, which is big enough to accommodate large volumes of waste at a go. If you intend to dispose of more waste at a go, then we recommend this unit.


  • Easy installation.
  • Powerful motor for an efficient grind.
  • The one-year in-home limited warranty.


  • Easy to rust.
  • Smaller capacity.

This garbage disposal is best known for its effective crushing of food scraps. This garbage disposal is an ideal choice where affordability and space are the main deliberations.

It features a power 1/3 horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor that is maintenance-free, this system will offer you great performance all year through.

It comes with a patented quick lock sink mount that allows for easy installation and replacement.

If you need a garbage disposer that offers you an appropriate and eco-friendly garbage disposal, then we commend this Insinkerator model.

Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Owning Garbage Disposal

When you wash your utensils, food wastes like vegetables and leftovers could clog the sink and sewage systems in your home. A waste disposer machine will enable you to crush down the wastes into smaller particles that can pass safely without clogging sewage pipes. As such, you will save money that you could otherwise use for repairs.

Offers a Simple Cleaning Way

These waste disposers provide us with simple ways to clean our kitchen by effectively getting rid of food leftovers. Besides, you can repair them without the help of a technician. The motor is also maintenance-free so it runs efficiently.

Get Rid of Bad Odors

Once you install a disposer unit you will be able to do away with the stench of rotten waste from your sink. In most cases, the huge leftovers stay around for some time before they are washed away completely. When the machine grinds these wastes into tiny particles, however, they are washed into the sewer system instantly, thus eliminating the stench.


Garbage disposer machines are eco-friendly since they help keep your home environment hygienic. Many of the kitchen-based wastes, such as vegetable as well as food leftovers, can be used in the production of renewable power as opposed to when they are thrown away to rot and produce harmful gases and bad odors from the landfills. Moreover, transportation of garbage leads to an increase in greenhouse gases.

Things to Consider When Buying a Waste Disposer- Buyer Guide

If you want to purchase the best garbage disposer system, then consider the following aspects that define a great garbage disposer prior to making the final decision of purchasing a particular unit. Here are some of those aspects.

Type of Feed

A garbage disposer will come with either a continuous-feed or batch feed. Many people prefer a continuous-feed unit but in case you want extra safety then choose a batch-feed type of waste disposer could be an ideal choice.

Grinding Stages

The higher the number of stages the disposer is fitted with, the finer the waste will be as it flows into the drainage system. The kind of refuse you intend to dispose of is what will determine the number of grind stages your unit should have.

Level of Noise

Noise is a big issue for most people when it comes to powered tools. As such, ensure you get a waste disposer that is well insulated to minimize noise.


Price is also a major consideration, especially when you are working on a budget. A highly-priced waste disposer does not necessarily imply it is the best while a cheap unit might turn out to be okay. To avoid overpaying for the system, simply look for a unit that best suits your refuse disposal needs and that which is within your budget.


For most people, a waste disposer system is just another kitchen appliance that doesn’t require much effort to acquire. However, getting the right garbage disposer will make a great difference in how you get rid of your kitchen refuse.

Before wrapping it up, we are obligated to acknowledge the winner of our review. Waste King L-111 is the best unit that comes with a top of the range features. These features include a high-speed motor, being stress-free to install and clean, and compactness that allows it to fit even the small space under your sink. Most importantly, it comes at an amazing price.