Best Quiet Garbage Disposals

quite garbage disposalsQuiet garbage disposals are a requirement in modern homes. You have likely searched for a disposal that would help you update the kitchen, and you will want something that makes little to no noise. Try to select something that has a powerful motor and a large amount of insulation, or you can choose a device that has a small motor that will make very little noise. You will make a single investment that improves the state of your kitchen, and the disposal itself will become something that you use every day for a number of different tasks.

The six items listed below could be installed in your home at any time, and you must choose one that you believe balances value and price. All garbage disposals are designed in different ways based on their size, the volume of the trough, and the power of the motor. Do not cast aside any one device because it does not meet with your expectations. Take a look at them all, but the one you like most, and use the buying guide to avoid problems when shopping.

Best Quiet Garbage Disposals – Comparison Table

The Best Of All Quiet Garbage Disposals

1. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP — Our Best Pick – $$


You might choose the compact version of the InSinkErator Evolution because it still has a lot of power without being so big. You could fit it under your counter pretty easily, and you should see if this disposer could work even in your tiny apartment.


  • This machine is very small relative to its size.
  • The machine is very simple to install.


  • Maybe, you need something with a bigger trough.
  • You might need more power because your kitchen is so big.

You could use the Evolution Compact because it still has 3/4 HP, and it helps you have the strength that you need without forcing you to buy something too large. It is easy to install, and it can be run with a plug under the sink.

You could get this machine for anyone who has a tiny kitchen, and you could show them that they can install it alone. This machine is a good recommendation for all young people just starting out.

2. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP — Best For a Big Family – $$$


The InSinkErator is something that comes with more power than you could imagine. This has been created with a massive amount of insulation, and the machine will grind up even bones because it was designed to be so strong.

The stainless steel teeth make it easier to manage, and it can be reset with the button on the base.


  • The machine has a one horsepower motor that can grind anything.
  • You could install it yourself with the simple installation ring.


  • One horse could be far too much for you.
  • You might want something with a septic assist solution.

Plug in this device when you have it installed with the drain lock system, and remember that you could use this device under most sinks because it is not too long. It was made for busy kitchens, and it will provide you with the suction power needed to unclog your sink when needed.

This device is one that you would recommend to a friend who needs a better disposal, and you could tell them that it had so much power it might not get clogged again.

3. General Electric GFC520V 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed — Best for a Small Kitchen – $


GE made their own disposer because the wanted to fill a gap in the market between the very powerful and less powerful. The 1/2 HP motor is a very good way for you to clean up the kitchen, and it works in the majority of home kitchens. You must choose this device when you want to have moderation in your disposer.


  • The disposer is just powerful enough.
  • You can install it alone.


  • This machine is not powerful enough for bigger families.
  • You might want a more well-known kitchen brand.

You could use this disposal after a quick installation, and it comes with the power of GE wiring. It has a very strong circuitry that does not short out easily, and the three-pronged plug helps protect you.

You could run this machine in your home kitchen after installing it yourself, and you could recommend it to a friend who wants something simple to put in their kitchen.

4. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-8000) — Best Price VS Quality – $


Waste King makes a disposer that is so big could literally put anything down the drain and hope to have it ground up. You do not have to worry about clogs with this massive disposer, and you can install it yourself because it comes with the installation ring that locks around your drain.


  • The machine is extremely powerful.
  • You can lock in the drain cuff yourself.


  • This machine is almost too powerful for smaller sinks.
  • The machine might be too long for your under-sink cabinet.

You should look over the instructions for the device that show how the locked drain works, and you might find that you could fill it up with water completely because of the large trough. You can plug it in yourself, and it is easy to test.

This is a recommended device for all people who have bigger kitchens or do a lot of home cooking. It also works for people who cater or bake out of their home.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR 3/4 HP — Best Choice for the Quality – $$$


The Essential XTR has stainless steel gears and parts that make it much more durable. You might choose this machine because it has 3/4 HP, or you could use it because it is not so big it cannot fit under your sink.


  • The 3/4 HP motor is more than enough power.
  • It is simple to install.


  • Pretty big and noisy model.
  • Can be too many extra grinders and bulk for you.

    You need to try this machine when you want more grinding power in a machine that is not so big. You will be impressed with how strong it is, and you will notice that you could easily set up this machine with help from the user guide.

This is recommended for busy homeowners who only have several minutes to do their installation. It is will help you grind anything you need, but it will not be so big it is overwhelming.

6. InSinkErator Badger 5XP 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer — Good Power and Place Saver – $$


The InSinkErator Badger is much larger than most, and it has more room for water and teeth that will grind anything you put down the sink. You should choose the Badger when you need power because you are cooking all the time or simply has kids who might put anything down the drain.


  • The device has a very large trough that is easy to fill.
  • The stainless steel blades and grinders are very easy to maintain.


  • The device could be too long for your sink.
  • You might want a quieter machine even though you need more through space.

You could use the Badger because it will create more suction for a clogged sink, and it could be used when you are constantly cooking. Install the disposer yourself in seconds if your sink cabinet is large enough.

This is a recommended device for someone who is concerned about how much cooking they do, and it could be used by people who need more power without sacrificing trough space.

Buyers’ Guide

How Do You Choose A Power Level?

garbage disposals horse power comparison

You should buy a motor that you believe is powerful enough for your kitchen. 1 HP is very strong, but it would be useful in a large kitchen where you are putting many things down the drain. Choose 1/4 HP when you have a small kitchen, and you could choose from many that are in between. You must be open-minded to the different power levels that exist, and you should choose the one that seems to match your home. The home cook who has a less powerful sees it clog all the time, and someone who has a unit that is too strong could actually cause damage to their sink.

How Large Does The Device Need To Be?

The largest of all industrial units could be very long because it needs more room for the trough. You might select something with more grinders, or it could have an internal power system that takes batteries. The longest of all these devices will not fit under your sink, and you must take measurements under the sink to be certain you can fit it in there. The smaller devices fit under any sink including the one in your studio apartment. Smaller devices are needed for compact spaces, and they are needed when you do not want to use too much power.

How Do You Wire Or Plug-In The Device?

You once had to wire all disposals because they were not designed with a traditional plug. Sinks did not have traditional plugs, and you had to connect to a bare power source under the sink. Modern sinks have an outlet that is to be used for this machine, and you must choose one that comes with a three-pronged plug. The three-pronged plug will ground itself, and it will be much safer to use. If the device shorts out, it will simply shut off. You can press the button, and you can start using it again without burning out the plug or outlet.

How Do You Do The Installation Yourself?

You should do the installation on your own when you purchase a modern device with the locking drain system. They tend to just clamp around the drain, and you can hang them up to complete piping. You might be a little uncomfortable with the piping, but you are given all the materials in the box. The pipe can run to the other side of the sink, or it can go to the dishwasher. You simply need to use the Teflon tape, close the pipes tight, and test the device.

Should You Run With Water?

You must always run any food waste disposer with the water. The water will help to cool the grinders in the middle of the machine, and you must use the machine with water when you are running for a long period of time. You can see the steam rise from the device if you have run it without water, and you must choose the machine that you believe will be best suited to how much must be round. Someone who is trying to get a low-maintenance unit might want to choose something that is much less powerful.

How Do You Reset The Device?

You can reset any disposer with the button that sits on the base or front of the device. You press the button to reset the circuits, and it will run as normal. There is a crank that you can turn with an Allen wrench, and you much turn that crank when it is time to get things out of the grinders. The gears will get stuck if you have something in there that was never meant to be ground. You must turn slowly, and you will feel the gears turn slowly until they are released from the tension that was in the device.

Who Needs A New Disposer?

Everyone needs to upgrade their disposer if it is more than five years old. Advances in the industry have made them very quiet, and you will find that you could purchase something with more power than ever before. You could start many different dinner parties in your kitchen, and the kitchen itself could be cleared quickly by the disposer that you bought. You could buy something that has a powerful motor, and you will find that you could drain the sink or help drain the dishwasher. We have collected the best garbage disposals of the current year, you may also check them out. The pressure created by the disposer is helpful if you have a full sink, and you could use the disposer when you need to get rid of food that you do not want in the trash.

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