Best InSinkErator Garbage Disposals Reviews

Last Updated:  March 25, 2022

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Founded in 1927, InSinkErator currently serves as the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposal systems. Because of the company’s dedication to making high-quality food waste disposers, InSinkErator is the top pick for nine out of ten professionals in plumbing.

Folks outside the plumping industry have given InSinkErator disposal systems high ratings. With that, more customers are seeking to try out these products but are also having a hard time deciding on which to buy.

For that reason, I compiled a list of the best ones out. Of course, there’s but so many great InSinkErator models so I choose the top ten. In the end, I address several elements to consider when choosing a garbage disposal.

For details on the top InSinkErator garbage disposals, check out the comparison table below!

Best InSinkErator Garbage Disposals Reviews

1. InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer – Editor’s Choice


  • 1/2 HP Dual-Drive induction motor
  • Consistent performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • It is less expensive than other units
  • Has a 2-year in-home limited warranty
  • Lighter than other units


  • People complain that the product leaks
  • The galvanized steel may corrode after a while
  • Some complains that it stopped working after a few months

As one of the least powerful units of the series, the Badger 5 uses its Dual-Drive motor of 1/2 HP to give a steady performance.

  • The waste goes into a 26 oz. grind chamber which is made with durable galvanized steel.
  • The model is eco-friendly with an annual electric usage of 3-4 kWh.
  • How you activate the Badger 5 is by flipping the wall mount switch.
  • The Badger 5 doesn’t weigh as much as some of the other units, totaling 13 pounds.

2. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP – Premium Choice


  • The motor has 1 HP
  • 3-stage grind
  • Includes a 7-year in-home limited warranty
  • Quiet operation with SoundSeal technology
  • 40-ounce stainless steel grind chamber
  • Has an Auto-Reverse Grind and Jam-Sensor Circuit control


  • It is expensive
  • Reports of leaking from the bottom

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 is an American-made garbage disposal with a 1 HP Dura-Drive induction motor running at 1,725 RPM. Compared to a regular disposer, the Evolution Excel is quiet thanks to built-in SoundSeal technology. The technology combines several anti-vibration mounts, advanced-level insulation, and the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle.

The MultiGrind feature offers three stages of grind. In addition, the disposal has an Auto-Reverse Grind System function which includes a jam sensor. The jam-sensor circuit will automatically signal for the motor to increase its torque when the unit’s impellers come across a tough jam. The auto-reverse feature stops jamming by reversing the operation.

Food is broken down within a 40-ounce grind chamber manufactured with stainless steel that enables prolonged life. The unit certainly works for tough stuff like chicken bones, corncobs, and vegetable scraps. Furthermore, it’s a continuous feed disposal meaning you can keep adding food to the machine while it’s in use.

It takes little effort to install the model as it comes with the Quick Lock sink mount component. Plus, if your home has a septic tank, the disposal is perfectly safe to use.

You can purchase two versions between cordless or with a cord. It weighs at least 23 pounds so it certainly isn’t the most lightweight InSinkErator model.

The Evolution Excel 1.0 has a 7-year in-home warranty. There’s always the possibility of the machine malfunctioning or you may need a replacement. InSinkErator has 1500 certified service agents that will come and work on the unit at your home. For zero bucks, you can give the service agent nearest to your area a call.

3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP – Best 3/4 HP InSinkErator Garbage Disposal


  • Has an induction motor containing 3/4 HP
  • Easy installation
  • Compact size
  • 2 stages of grind
  • Protected by a 4-year in-home limited warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Several noise complaints
  • Some users say it doesn’t drain water well
  • Reports of vibrations

This model is the most powerful of InSinkErator’s Evolution series. Weighing about 19 pounds, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 is equipped with a 34.6 oz. grind chamber, in which food scraps are chopped up through two stages of grind. The disposal does this using power from a 3/4 HP Dual-Drive induction motor.

You can buy the unit in several packages. One of the packages comes with a premium grade 16 gauge stainless steel sink. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, I don’t recommend purchasing this package as it is more expensive than the packages that don’t include the sink.

Because of its compact size, the model fits perfectly in with households that don’t have a lot of cabinet space.

Unlike the Evolution Excel, this is batch feed disposal. With a batch feed disposal, you can drop in food while the machine is running. The food decomposes one batch at a time. For these types of disposals to work, a cover is needed to go over the entrance of the disposal.

4. InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP – Best 1/2 HP Model


  • Easy replacement
  • Comes with a power cord
  • 1/2 HP Dual-Drive induction motor


  • Reviewers pointed out that it makes a clanking noise

You can also purchase the Badger 5 disposal with a power cord attached. It cost a little more than the cordless version. Components and features are the same.

According to a user, the power cord is about 32 inches long.

5. InSinkErator Badger 5XP 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal – Best Budget


  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has a 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Easy installation


  • There are several noise complaints
  • The galvanized steel can corrode
  • Users said their unit’s housing cracked and began leaking

The 5XP is the second most advanced model of the InSinkErator Badger series using a 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor.  Moreover, it is the best selling one globally. It crushes up eggshells and beef bones very easily and effectively. Several components of the 5XP are a wall switch control for activation and a 26 oz. grind chamber constructed of galvanized steel.

The unit comes with a 3-year in-home limited warranty.

6. InSinkErator BADGER1CORD 1/3 Horsepower


  • 1/3 HP Dual-Drive induction motor
  • Affordable pricing
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has a space-saving design
  • Provides efficient use for small households


  • Complaints of leaking
  • The cord isn’t very long
  • The warranty period is only 1 year
  • Not as powerful as models with higher HP

To use this version of the Badger 1 model, you have to plug it up. The grinding components are composed of galvanized steel. The grinding chamber is about 26 oz. which is suitable for lesser amounts of food waste. The Badger 1’s cord is about three feet long so it can’t be stretched too much.

Weighing 13 pounds, it is one of the lightest InSinkErator units. It’s small and takes up little space. The Badger 1 is also cheaper compared to other units with more features.

The 1/3 HP motor works efficiently for breaking down soft food. Far as noise is concerned, the unit isn’t going to be completely quiet because it doesn’t include the SoundSeal technology.

7. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP


  • 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor
  • Ideal to use with septic tanks
  • It is very quiet
  • Citrus scent of BioCharge liquid helps discourage bad odor


  • Reports of the BioCharge liquid leaking from the unit
  • Users say it makes a loud noise
  • It takes up a lot of space

The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 can grind up just about anything you give it. As the name specifies, it is made for households with septic tanks.

The 3/4 HP Dual-Drive induction motor propels the impellers to break down food waste using combined SoundSeal and MultiGrind technologies. The stainless steel grind chamber has a 40 oz. capacity.

In addition, the model comes with a cartridge with a BioCharge liquid containing millions of microorganisms. When the disposal is in use, the microorganisms are automatically released into the chamber. They produce enzymes, proteins that help decompose food waste like grease and the fats from meats.

What else to know is that the BioCharge liquid is citrus-scented. This helps discourage foul odors that may result from the drain. The cartridge can last a few months depending on how frequently it’s used. Replacing the cartridge is pretty easy. All you do is push the button to eject the old cartridge and snap in the new one.

As this version is pretty big, it probably isn’t best suited for homes with restricted cabinet space.

By buying the Evolution Septic Assist, you get a 4-year in-home limited warranty.

8. InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR 3/4 HP


  • Easy installation and replacement due to Quick Lock sink mount feature
  • The sink-top switch feature provides a convenient way to activate the disposal
  • Stainless steel material discourages corrosion
  • 3/4 HP Dura-Drive motor
  • Fast and efficient operation


  • People complain about the noise

Using a 3/4 HP Dura-Drive induction motor for power, the InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR works to keep your drain free of clogs.

It features a grinding chamber has a 34.6 oz. capacity with two stages of grind, breaking down big lumps of food into small pieces quickly, efficiently, and with ease.

The unit is super easy to install with the Quick Lock sink mount. Plus, you don’t need a wall switch to activate the disposal because it has a sink-top switch.    It weighs 20 pounds and has a height of 12.25 inches. The unit’s in-home warranty is good for six years.

9. InSinkErator O1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP


  • Powerful 1.1 HP motor
  • Comes with a 12-year in-home limited warranty
  • Can grind food waste in large amounts
  • Motor torque increases by 500% for hard food waste
  • Has an auto-reverse feature


  • It is heavier than other models
  • The unit is pricey for some customers

This model weighs 26 pounds and runs on a powerful 1.1 HP induction motor that can effortlessly tear through larger food pieces of food. On top of that, it’s quiet while in use.

The set includes a grinding chamber with grinding components. The chamber is made with stainless steel and has a capacity of 40 ounces. For grinding up hard food waste, the motor torque increases by 500%.

The unit uses three stages of grind instead of one with MultiGrind Plus technology that includes the Grindshear ring, Tri-Action Lug Action system, and Jam-Sensor Circuit features. In addition, the O1100XL Pro Series has an auto-reverse grind system feature.

The warranty for the InSinkErator O1100XL Pro Series may last up to 12 years!

10. InSinkErator PRO750 Pro Series 3/4 HP


  • 3/4 HP motor
  • Built with a space-saving design
  • Forty percent quieter than regular disposers
  • Grinds up tough food quickly
  • Sink baffle discourages bacterial growth


  • One customer reported the disposal doesn’t work on banana peels
  • Reviewers state the splash guard doesn’t allow the water to drain as it should

The InSinkErator PRO750 Pro Series runs on a 3/4 HP motor, 120 volts, and at a speed of 1725 PRM. It is capable of grinding up tough substances like ice, fruit cores, vegetable peelings, and bones. The disposal’s grind chamber can have a capacity of 34.6 oz.

The disposal’s space-saving design makes it ideal for kitchens with a limited amount of cabinet space. Using MultiGrind technology, the disposal grinds the waste up through two stages.

With SoundSeal reducing the noise level by at least 40 percent, the PRO750 Pro Series provides quieter operation than that of regular disposers. In addition, the disposal features a Quiet Collar Sink Baffle made with the antimicrobial material.

The product comes with a 6-year warranty.

Buyer’s Guide: Best InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

Now we will discuss a few things with choosing InSinkErator garbage disposal. Many of us consumers know how challenging it is trying to pick the right one.

Below I have given some information that might be able to help you.

How does a garbage disposal work?

Impellers, NOT blades, are used in the grinding process. The impellers are positioned by the Undercutter Disk. The Undercutter Disk, combined with Grindshear ring, works to pulverize the food scraps. Once the machine has completed grinding, running water completes the final step of pushing the pulverized food waste down the drain.

Choosing an InSinkErator garbage disposal


For many customers, the price is definitely an essential factor to consider when buying a product. Not everyone can’t afford a $300+ unit. However, a higher price doesn’t always mean better. More than likely, there’s an affordable model that does the job just as good to stay within your budget.

Noise and motor size

A lot of people don’t like the noisiness of regular garbage disposals. Soundproofing technology in InSinkErator garbage disposals makes them a plus for users. It’s known that higher HP models are quieter than models with lower HP.

You should also pay attention to the size of the motor. Garbage disposals typically come in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 HP.

A garbage disposal with a horsepower of 3/4 or better is the best option for handling waste from foods that are harder to pulverize such as potatoes and celery.

Models with a horsepower of 1/2 or less aren’t as powerful so they have greater chances of becoming jammed. However, they can be used for families of two people and grinding lighter foods. Compared to 3/4+ HP disposals, these units don’t cost as much and are less bulky in size.


Durability is another important element for choosing InSinkErator garbage disposal. Customers like to know they’re buying disposals that last them a good while.

Grind Stages

InSinkErator disposals with multiple grind stages produce a finer grind so the waste can be decomposed more easily in the septic tank.

Size of household

Also, keep in mind the number of people that live in your household and how much cabinet space you can spare for a disposal system. Typically, 3/4 and 1 HP models are used in large households.

Length of warranty

The longer the warranty period doesn’t guarantee an excellent disposal. However, it’s how long the company will keep its promise to fix the unit whenever it needs repairing.

Garbage Disposal Installation Experience

Unless you have a professional do it for you, there could be a bit of a challenge if you’re someone who hasn’t had any experience with installing, replacing, or repairing InSinkErator garbage disposal or any disposal for that matter. Fortunately, with every InSinkErator disposer package comes an instruction manual you can use. In addition, there are several clips on YouTube that provide assistance.


It’s necessary to keep your garbage disposal clean. This way, you don’t have put up with those funky odors and prevent yucky gunk from building up in your disposal. One way you can clean your disposal is by using the halves from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Drop the peels into the disposal while running water. Let the disposer run.

Another method you can try is by putting ice cubes into the disposal while the water and the disposer are running.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use just dish soap and water for cleaning their unit.

Frequent usage is a must

If you go a long time without using the garbage disposal, it will start to corrode. When the disposal is in operation, use cold water instead of hot. Coldwater will allow grease and fat to remain solid. Hot water will cause them to liquefy, accumulate, forming a clog in your drainage system.

Can an InSinkErator garbage disposal be used with a septic tank?

The answer is yes. Take the Evolution Septic Assist for example.

Many people are skeptical about the idea of having both a septic tank and a garbage disposer. Homeowners should take a few precautions with having both systems.

With a garbage disposal installed, you’ll be adding extra waste to be collected by the septic tank so it’s best to be careful. It’s highly recommended not to put substances like grease which don’t decompose easily as they can cause the tank to overflow. That’s enough to take a toll on the environment and on you financially. Also, don’t put non-edible items (metal, glass, etc.) at your disposal.


That is all for the buying guide. I will admit that it isn’t my aim to speak for others when saying the InSinkErator models I picked are the best ones. The many models that didn’t make the list also have excellent quality and perform exceptionally.

The purpose of this article was to give you some tips on deciding the product you believe will meet your demands. Choosing the right product isn’t meant to be easy.

Feel free to share your thoughts about any experiences you’ve had with InSinkErator garbage disposals.