Badger 5 vs Badger 500 Garbage Disposal

Last Updated:  April 22, 2022

Badger 5 vs 500 garbage disposals comparisonThe Badger line of InSinkErator brand garbage disposals is very popular. There are several items in this line, including the Badger 1 and the Badger 5XP. But a very common question is “What is the difference between the Badger 5 and the Badger 500?

It’s a common question because they are actually quite similar. However, they have slightly different dimensions, so this is probably not literally true:

Badger 5

Badger 500

Size, Price, and Popularity

Although their dimensions are slightly different, both the Badger 5 and the Badger 500 are quite small. They are some of the smallest disposals on the market. This makes them fit easily beneath the sink in even fairly tight kitchen designs. They are also very affordable. The combination of small size and low price points help make them two of the most popular disposals on the market.

Power Cord Not Automatically Included

In both cases, they do not automatically come with a power cord. You can order a power cord with them, but don’t be fooled by online listings. Some will list one of these with a power cord and one without. This is a marketing ploy. They are just tacking on the cost of the cord kit that you can purchase separately.

Technical Specs

Both models come with a 1/2 horsepower induction motor that provides sufficient power to grind even hard kitchen scraps, such as small chicken bones. They both come with a 1-stage grinding technology. They both have a speed of 1725 RPM.

Noise Level

They are not the quietest of disposals, though the Badger 500 is slightly quieter. The noise level is due in part to the fact that they are both continuous feed models. Batch feed models tend to be quieter than continuous feed models.

This is so because batch feed models have a stopper and continuous feed models do not. Continuous feed models are open the entire time they are in use. If you want a very quiet disposal, you should be looking at batch feed models. Those are generally quieter.

Easy Installation

Another factor making both models popular is how easy they are to install. They both come with an easy mounting system that is very DIY-friendly.


Both the Badger 5 and the Badger 500 come with a 2-year warranty. This includes coverage of in-home service.

Primary Differences

As noted above, their dimensions are slightly different. The Badger 500 is slightly less noisy. The Badger 500 tends to be a little more expensive.

In most cases, the small difference in dimensions really will not matter. There will be very few situations where the small difference in size will be the make-or-break detail pushing you to choose one over the other.

Buying Guide

The Badger 500 is primarily available through Amazon. They have a co-branding deal with InSinkErator.

If you want the Badger 5, you can order it on Amazon too. It typically costs a little less. There is a possibility that you will need to wait a bit more if you choose this model.

Some people feel that you are simply paying for convenience here. They feel you are buying the exact same model, but paying a few extra bucks to be able to buy it now.

The slightly different dimensions mean, no, this is not literally true. They are not 100 percent identical.

But they are so similar that people have trouble telling them apart. It winds up being a point of confusion. Are they, or aren’t they really the same item but rebranded?

If you live in a small town with a Home Depot as the only home improvement option, you may find yourself buying the Badger 500 because it is right there and readily available, with no waiting required. It’s fine to do that. The price difference isn’t huge.

The reality is these two models are so similar, it isn’t really worth sweating bullets over this decision. If you generally like the performance and other details, these two models are more or less interchangeable.

The comparison you really need to make is between the Badger series and other models. You really need to ask yourself questions like “Do I want a batch feed model or a continuous feed model?” and “Which one matters more to me: Safety or price?”

If you have already set your sights on getting a Badger and you are trying to pick between the Badger 5 and the Badger 500, this decision will most likely boil down to whether price or convenience matters more to you. If you want to save a few bucks, you will probably go with the Badger 5. If you want to pick it up in person today, then you will probably find yourself with the Badger 500.

It’s fine to stop stressing over it at this point and just buy one of the two. There is no big secret difference that will come back to bite you later.

Although they aren’t identical, they are extremely similar. They really are so similar that if they were people, they would get mistaken for each other at parties.

You might think of them as being like fraternal twins instead of identical twins. Or, more accurately, you might think of them as being like semi-identical twins that share 75 percent of their DNA instead of 100 percent.

If you are looking for a new garbage disposal but didn’t decide on the model, you can look through the best waste disposals reviews, we’ve picked for you.